• People love "behind the scenes" in-depth information and supplemental content is so easy to add. It boosts the value of your main offering and helps build deeper connections with your customers.

  • folium enhancedaudio and enhanced video support table of content groups and sections

    Customers see the full table of contents—exactly as the author intended! Folium enhancedMedia™ products support nested ToC items as well as section or part groupings.

  • Use suggestive selling to promote your other titles in a series, or based on the author, subject matter, or other selection. Ask about our other in-app options, too!

  • Apple iPhone? iPad? Android? Microsoft Windows? We do them all. One set-up, and literally hundreds of devices will be able to find and purchase your audiobooks, video tutorials, how-to guides, and other Folium enhancedMedia™ apps.

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Work with the company that has built and delivered more enhanced book apps for more platforms for more publishers than any other company in the world.

Simply the best enhanced media publishing solutions.

Media Publishers

In 2009 we introduced the world’s first enhanced audiobook app platform for Apple iPhone®. Since then we’ve expanded to include grab-and-go enhanced video apps for training and promotion, introduced a broad assortment of supplemental content types, and migrated to new mobile platforms. Folium Partners continues to focus on helping publishers and authors take advantage of existing work and update it to fit the modern mobile mindset.

  • Upgrade your catalogue for mobile and desktop apps with our triple-tested Folium enhancedMedia™ frameworks
  • Channel your content to customers on nearly 2 BILLION devices worldwide

When you work with Folium enhancedMedia, our systems and support will help to give your catalogue new life and higher margins. And FP is the only company to deliver 100% native user experiences on all the major platforms:

  • Apple iOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Google Android phones and tablets
  • Microsoft Windows 8 desktops and Surface® tablets

If you want the best sales margins, you need an app. If you want to control your own pricing, you need an app. If you want to build your customer list, you need an app. If you want the least expensive way to develop and distribute materials that enhance the value of your content over time, you need an app. FP has the apps for that, and they are all built on Folium enhancedMedia.

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eBook Publishers

For a professional look and feel, FBS is the fastest and best choice for self-publishers and micro publishers.

Our online tools convert manuscripts crafted in Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, or plain text into a professionally formatted and beautifully typeset e-book. Folium Book Studio™ is a pay-as-you-need service, so there is never any waste or unused monthly service.

FBS takes care of the consistency, so you avoid the embarrassment of discovering mismatched headers, paragraph styles, and image styles after the EPUB or MOBI files are already released. From cover design to font style to page layout, you have complete control over every aspect of the conversion to ensure that your e-book is an elegant presentation of your hard work.

Features include:

  • Automagic manuscript conversion
  • Multiple-format output (MOBI, various EPUB types)
  • Cover Designer
  • Instant table of contents generation
  • Insert and format images with flow-around text

Most projects can be uploaded and completed within an hour, saving time and labor costs and raising your profit margins.

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Whether you have 10 titles or 1000, Folium Partners has a production process to deliver your products to more than 1 billion Apple, Android, and Windows devices around the world.